My name is Srebrenka Racic and I live in Zagreb, Croatia with my husband horses and dogs ! 


With horses I am all my life, but I fall crazy in love with Apsas some 30 years ago, when my trainer brought one from USA ! 


20 years later, my husband make me surprise with Lhasa Apso puppy and that was the beginning of our new life, in which Apsas are playing an important role!


The Lhasa Apso I get for present was little bit different from what I remember and after exploring a little bit I realize that my Lhasa Apso is a modern type dog and I fall in love in a different type so many years ago - true Tibetan type!


So I start to look for true Tibetan type of a dog and found what I was looking for in Spain !


After that, all was like on the rollercoaster and today I have my kennel, showing and breeding dog's in true type ! 


I love primitive type, called "monsters" by some modernist people


Unfortunately in this part of the world is almost impossible to find this Tibetan type in shows or breeding because the judges and breeders prefer the extreme and modern type of Lhasa Apso.


I hope someday they realize how wonderful character and qualities these original dogs have to live with !

Welcome to our dog life !!!!