I am Bompek and I am my own boss! I have to admit, when mama raises her voice I listen, but at least I make her to tell me things several times before I react!


My mother is Ch.Khelang-Kyi Parua and I am her clone in looks but also in loudness – we are both very loud if we insist on something !

I will not lie when I tell you I am better looking than any of my brothers, but still I am only junior champion of Croatia..... why ? 


I run like crazy in the back yard and I injured my legs, so the vet need to shave to take care of it and as I look ridiculous with one legs shaved, my mama clipped me down! I am very handsome with short hair and I can play in the garden whole day despite of rain or mud!


Now I just need to show her my „poor face“ when it is hot and she feel sorry and clipped me again ! Am I smart or what? 

I have my breeding licence and I hope my mama is looking for some nice girl for me!








National show Vukovar Croatia 13.09.2008 Excellent - BOB Junior Srecko Kukic (CRO)
National show Donji Miholjac Croatia 13.07.2008 Excellent - BOB Junior Zlatko Kraljic (CRO)
National show Koprivnice Croatia 08.06.2008 Excellent - BOS Junior Marija Kavcic (SLO)
National show Novi Marof Croatia 18.05.2008 Very Promising Vibor Jezek (HR)
International show Zagreb Croatia 01.03.2008 Very Promising Lotte Jorgensen (DK)
National show Celje Slovenia 24.02.2008 Very Promising Maja Korosec (SLO)