On April 8th 2010 our new litter arriwe !

It is a second litter of


They were 3 boys and 2 girls, some of them are now living in their new homes and some we keep at home with us !



Kyi-La Drashu (Pika)
female 3 months old
sweet, little lady, she can stay all day in your arms, or run and play all day with her brothers she is happy in bothe ways !

Now she lives in Venezuela with Lidia, Gustavo and the rest of the family !


Kyi-La Da-Wa (Dada)
female 3 months old
very smart and naughty girl, always looking to do something she is not supposed and allowed to do
always tries to do the things her way !


Kyi-La Dre-Po (Namchay)
male 3 months old
he started his life on his back and this is the way he loves to spend his days !
He is not happy "working" but he shows respect enough for me and he does what I ask him to do! He stay with us !



Kyi-La Dinggye (Nosko)
male 3 months old
fearless, fast and playful boy. He is wonderfull baby he was on two shows but he was R.BIS baby on first show and best Lhasa baby on Euro Dog Show on his second show !!!! Still, he is much more happy now living with Sandra and family on the coast,swiming all summer, then to stay in coat and attend the shows !


Kyi-La Dong-Co (Damian)
male 3 months old
nice boy in any way you want. He has coat (no coat) like his sister Dada, but I promise you that they will have the best coats of all, once they mature, like their brother Bhoi from the first litter !!!