I am the first Lhasa who came from Spain to live in Croatia but now I share my life with my sister and mama, as they move here, too!


I am very typical boy and it was not easy for some judges to judge me as most of the time they judge different looking dog’s also called Lhasa Apso!



I am also typical in my character as I am typical in my looks, so I make my mama crazy very often. I know what I suppose to do on shows, but real, must they touch me every time? Can't they just admire my beauty from distance? Why we have to run in circles? 


Thank God, I finish my championess fast, so now I can sleep or play with my old friend Fido whole day and leave show career to other dogs in the house !  


I do my best to destroy the coat, so my mama will not think of showing me ever again in my life, hahaha !   






Champion of Croatia 2007
Club Champion 2007

International show Zadar Croatia 29.04.2007 CAC - CACIB Silvia Radnetter (A)
International show Umag Croatia 17.06.2006 CAC Igor Selimovic (CRO)
International show Varazdin Croatia 21.05.2006 CAC Norman Huidobro (E)
International show Zagreb Croatia 27.11.2005 RCAC Silvia Radnetter (A)
National show Dakovo Croatia 25.09.2005 CAC Jasmina Knezevic (CRO)
National show Zupanja Croatia 26.06.2005 CAC - BOB Ivana Bakal (CRO)

Junior Champion of Croatia 2005
Club Champion 2005

National show Varazdin Croatia 22.05.2005 Exc. 1 Best junior Erwin Deutscher (A)
National show Zadar Croatia 30.04.2005 Exc. 1 Best junior Dubravka Reicher (CRO)
International show Zagreb Croatia 19.03.2005 Exc. 1 Best junior Ivana Bakal (CRO)