I am champion Namchay ! I come to Croatia when I was 3 years old to finish my Croatian champion and to breed some girls here! 


What can I tell you I am still here, love it and don't have any planes  to leave, hahaha?  


Reba show me for a short time. I start my career winning BOB and BIG 3, but to be honest with you I hate show's. I had bad experience in my young days with leash and I just hate to feel it arround my neck and the judges still don't allow me to walk in the ring buy mamas side free as I am not working  dog ! 


 I am very much loved in my home, so my family didn't insist to continue showing me! Guys,love you for that !

But I love some other things girls !!!!

I am a proud father of several litters and believe me, all my kids with show career are now champions good looks run in the family ! 



I am still young boy but have already champion grandchild's around Europe and who knows, one day I will maybe enter the ring again to show them all how beautiful I am





National show Hrusica Slovenia 31.05.2009 Exc. CAC USCHI EISNER (AT)
International show Graz Austria 08.03.2009 Exc. 2nd R.CAC NATASA BLANUSA (HR)
National show Koprivnica Croatia 08.06.2008 Very Good MARIJA KAVCIC (SLO)


National show Velika Gorica Croatia 01.06.2008 Excellent CAC - BOB Ivana Bakal (HR)
International show Varazdin Croatia 25.05.2008 Excellent CAC-RCACIB Zlatko Kraljic (HR)
International show Varazdin Croatia 24.05.2008 Excellent CAC-RCACIB Dubravka Reicher (HR)
International show Zagreb Croatia 24.11.2007 Very Good Tino Pehar (HR)
International show Vrtojba Slovenia 11.11.2007 Excellent RCAC Branislav Rajic (SLO)
International show Gradiska Bosnia & Hercegovina 15.09.2007 Excellent RCAC Tino Pehar (HR)
Euro Dog show Zagreb Croatia 08.06.2007 Excellent Zvi Kupferberg (ISR)
National show Novi Marof Croatia 20.05.2007 CAC, BOB, BOG 3 Vibor Jezek (HR)